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Meet Team SnapStream - Eric in Customer Success

June 09 2016 by Eric Cohn

Hi Everyone!

My name is Eric and I'm the Customer Success Specialist here at SnapStream. What the heck is a Customer Success Specialist? Great question! It's my job to make sure your experience using the SnapStream software is amazing. I want to help you take full advantage of SnapStream's features to make your job finding, clipping and sharing television content as easy as possible.

I've had the opportunity to meet many of you, whether in person or by phone. If we haven't met yet, please consider dropping me a line at or by phone at (713)-554-4591. I'd love to chat with you!

We've created some really incredible resources to help you and your team take full advantage of the SnapStream software. I want to take this opportunity to share with you some of my favorites.

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SnapStream Gives the St. Louis Blues a Digital Boost

May 04 2016 by Eric Cohn

It’s time to put the old, laborious ways back on the bench, bring SnapStream into the game, and give fans the play-by-play posts they deserve. Social media connects fans with their favorite teams, but sharing action-packed visual content used to be a taxing process—long wait times, screenshots, numerous uploads and downloads.

 The St. Louis Blues Digital Team Use SnapStream During the NHL 2016 Post-Season

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New SnapStream 7.1: iPad support (H.264) & social media scheduling

April 14 2016 by Joel Gabiola

SnapStream 7.1 just dropped and here are the details.

Full iPad support for H.264 (Full touch-friendly interface)

• Schedule Tweets & Facebook posts (Place posts on "auto-pilot")

More improvements (Social TV updates, export to SFTP & more stats)

SnapStream 7.1 release

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Upgrade to SnapStream 7.1

April 14 2016 by Joel Gabiola

New SnapStream 7.1 is available, so if you're a customer you can schedule an upgrade now. For more information on 7.1, you can either sign up for the webinar or read the 7.1 blog post


Schedule Upgrade to  7.1

(Usually 1 hour)

SnapStream's support team will perform the upgrade in a remote session.

  Book a Time Now


For most users on SnapStream 6.6, you won’t need to uninstall and reinstall a new version of the SnapStream Web Player. The 6.6 player and SnapStream 7.1 are compatible. So once your system admin does upgrade SnapStream to 7.1, your users will be ready to go.


Webinar: SnapStream 7.1

Tues. May 3 at 1 pm EDT

Thurs. May 5 at 3 pm EDT

Sign Up for Webinar


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Announcing the new SnapStream Encoder

March 15 2016 by Joel Gabiola

The new SnapStream Encoder takes in component video/audio or non-HDCP HDMI and encodes it to H.264 IP streams. At $1400 for a 4-input encoder, it is the least expensive option to stream your TV source to SnapStream Cloud or a local SnapStream appliance.

More on the SnapStream Encoder, 4-channel (YPbPr Component & HDMI):

snapstream Encoder, 4-channel (YPbPr Component & HDMI)

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GIF the debates and the fun never stops!

March 07 2016 by Eric Cohn

The 2016 presidential election cycle has been as unpredictable as any election in recent memory with over 20 sanctioned debates, numerous “town hall” discussions and countless candidate speeches. News organizations have been overwhelmed with an unprecedented volume of visual content to share with their viewers.

While debates have been broadcast on television since 1960 (the famous Kennedy-Nixon debates), there has been a seismic shift in the way the presidential debates have been covered in the media this election cycle. The New York Times said it best: political GIFs have become the new sound bites of the 2016 campaign season.

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"NBA Twitter" is the human highlight reel for the NBA

February 25 2016 by Joel Gabiola

I’ll have to admit, I don’t follow “NBA Twitter” that often. I should since I work for a company that enables sports and news organizations to post TV clips and GIFS to social media. But with the All-Star game around the corner, it had me thinking, “am I missing out on anything?” A New Republic article talked about how Twitter has changed the way we watch the NBA, so I decided to see what all the fuss was and experience it for myself. That night, not only did I watch, what many have called, “the best dunk contest of all time” but I was even more entertained by everyone’s online reactions.


NBA Twitter was in a frenzy and I was happy to now be a part of it. Move over Dominique Wilkins, the new "human highlight reel" is NBA Twitter.

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We live in a world of autoplay (or 'Tips for creating video on Twitter & Facebook')

February 24 2016 by Rakesh

In this summer's earning call, Facebook Founder and CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, said, “If you go back ten years, most of how people communicated was through text. We’re entering into a period where that’s increasingly going to be video and we’re seeing huge growth there.”


The numbers show it:

  • In November 2015, Facebook reported 8 billion daily video views (and in April 2015, the same stat was 4 billion daily video views).
  • In January 2016, Facebook announced that 100 million hours of video are watched in Facebook daily.

So the arc of this is very clear.  We started with text and moved to images and now we're heading to video.

In the same earnings call last month, Facebook pointed out that, “people watch video differently in mobile newsfeed than on TV”.  As video dominates Twitter and Facebook, what are the new rules?

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10 Tips: Live-Tweeting Award Shows

February 11 2016 by Rachel Abbott

Who will win "best post" on Twitter & Facebook?

During the #Grammys and the #Oscars, who will win best post of the night on Twitter & Facebook?

That's really the big question (right up there with, is Leonardo DiCaprio finally going to win his first Oscar?)

Award show season is here, and people are using Twitter & Facebook as the primary sources to experience these events.

We've seen this through the eyes of our customers who are live-tweeting GIFs and clips from TV with SnapStream.

Best reaction of the night goes to...

A great example—during this year's Golden Globes, when Leo won best reaction of the night. (Not to mention, he won Best Actor in The Revenant. Let's really hope he gets that Oscar though!!)

Twitter went wild over the Vine / GIF of Leo "throwing shade" at Lady Gaga as she brushed past him. It was a nanosecond of a glance, but it blew up online and escalated into all kinds of #LEOVSGAGA memes.

If you weren't tuning into social, you missed out on some funny stuff. Not just, oh some funny sidebar conversation. You may have missed, really, the best moments of the entire show. Which brings us to the next point...

Twitter's no longer the "sidebar," it's the main event

After the 2015 VMAs, The New York Times reported viewership dropping to 9.8 million viewers. But it wasn't a fail. Not by any means. It was the most tweeted-about (nonsporting) event ever: 2.2 million people sent 21.4 million tweets. So, what does this tell us?

Come award show night, there's a huge opportunity for social media publishers / personalities to frame the conversation on Twitter & Facebook. How can you win the best post of the night?

Here's 10 tips for winning the most retweets & likes


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Upload TV to Facebook... with Closed Captions

January 29 2016 by Rakesh

Update (February 11, 2016): If you doubted what I wrote below about how captions on native Facebook videos improved performance, see today's news that Facebook is now offering free automatic captioning of "brand" videos.

Did you know you can upload captions with your Facebook native video uploads?

This is a big deal and something you should always do... why? Well, apart from making your Facebook videos more accessible, it'll also increase the video views and engagement on your Facebook native video uploads.

How's that? Well, we live in a world of autoplay video. When someone scrolls through their Facebook news feed videos autoplay-- which is to say, it shows the moving picture but without any sound.  And if you upload a closed captioning file with your native video upload, Facebook autoplays the video with closed captioning display turned on.

This is a major key 🔑!!  With captioning display turned on, your autoplayed native video is more likely to draw in a viewer because the video can be experienced without audio. Here's an example of the Daily Show (a SnapStream customer) doing this on their Facebook native videos:


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