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Upload TV to Facebook... with Closed Captions

January 29 2016 by Rakesh

Did you know you can upload captions with your Facebook native video uploads?

This is a big deal and something you should always do... why? Well, apart from making your Facebook videos more accessible, it'll also increase the video views and engagement on your Facebook native video uploads.

How's that? Well, we live in a world of autoplay video. When someone scrolls through their Facebook news feed videos autoplay-- which is to say, it shows the moving picture but without any sound.  And if you upload a closed captioning file with your native video upload, Facebook autoplays the video with closed captioning display turned on.

This is a major key ðŸ”‘!!  With captioning display turned on, your autoplayed native video is more likely to draw in a viewer because the video can be experienced without audio. Here's an example of the Daily Show (a SnapStream customer) doing this on their Facebook native videos:


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New SnapStream 7.0: Social TV Dashboard & Web Interface

January 20 2016 by Rachel Abbott

version7.pngWe're starting 2016 with a bang, with all-new SnapStream 7.0!

• New social TV dashboard (lots of Twitter and Facebook updates)

• New web interface (phone & tablet friendly)

• Upgrade to 7.0 (for current users)

• Join webinar to see 7.0 (for anyone to check it out)


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SnapStream's 2015 in Numbers [Year in Review]

January 07 2016 by Rachel Abbott

In 2015, our customers searched TV 103,158,066 times using SnapStream

From a total library of 5,144,139 recordings.

Added up, that's the same number of miles from the Earth to the Sun, plus the entire population of Los Angeles.

SnapStream 2015 year in review

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SnapStream on TV: KHOU (Houston CBS)

December 01 2015 by Rachel Abbott

Look Ma, we're on TV! KHOU Anchor, Len Cannon, did an awesome piece on SnapStream for CBS in Houston. Watch this 2 minute clip:

"Have you ever watched The Late Show with Stephen Colbert and asked, 'How do they get those television clips that they make so much fun of?' They're not using just any DVR. You could call them the 'Mother of all DVRs,' and they are made right here in Houston."

- Len Cannon, KHOU Anchor

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Top 5 Tweets with SnapStream

November 18 2015 by Rachel Abbott

The Jaguars are one of SnapStream's many social media success stories unfolding in real time. With every live-tweet, our customers from Politics, Sports and Entertainment are hitting it out of the park! (twitterHeart.pngs for all of you)

1. accessHollywood.png

@AccessHollywood aced the #VMAs (4,000 retweets & likes)

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NFL's Jacksonville Jaguars: Winning the Social Media Game with SnapStream

November 03 2015 by Rachel Abbott


The NFL's Jacksonville Jaguars are scoring big points on the field, and on Twitter and Facebook. How are they doing it?

At the beginning of this season, SnapStream's social TV tools joined the Jaguar's digital team to up their social game. The stats have been STELLAR. It's exceeded their expectations.

The Jags had an initiative to use more animated GIFs this season, to drive fan engagement and better keep up with the pace of the game.

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Jacksonville Jaguars create hard-hitting GIFs for Twitter using SnapStream Social TV tool

November 03 2015 by Joel

Houston, Texas, Nov. 3, 2015 ­- The NFL’s Jacksonville Jaguars have chosen SnapStream to power its new social media initiative to create and share GIFs with its more than 230,000 @Jaguars Twitter followers. SnapStream was selected for its ability to quickly and easily create GIFs and clips from live TV and post them directly to Twitter in seconds.

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Our Thanks to The Daily Show

September 17 2015 by Rachel Abbott


Congrats to our friends at "The Daily Show with Jon Stewart" on an epic run! You made us laugh, night after night, and feel proud of what we do.

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What's New in SnapStream 6.6?

July 01 2015 by Rachel Abbott

New SnapStream 6.6 is available today. Upgrade now to get your hands on these new features:

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New: Share TV clips as Twitter native video

June 02 2015 by Rakesh

Last week, Twitter announced support for native video uploads in their API.

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