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How To Do Live Event Clipping: 7 Steps

March 29 2024 by SnapStream Staff


 Whether you're an event or conference holder, a guest speaker, a stakeholder, influencer or journalist, live clipping an event & posting to social media can benefit your attention funnel greatly. Here's how to start:



1. Set your goals: What do you hope to get from this event? Views, followers, direct sales conversions? Brand or mission awareness? Who are the stakeholders?  What team members and external stakeholders need to be involved to work towards achieving these goals?


2. Select tools: Live clipping your event involve features beyond just clipping. Direct social posting, searching transcripts, word alerts & even AI capabilities are important to consider when selecting your live clipping tool. Some exploration of event clipping products should help you figure out what features can help you achieve your goals.


3. Create press list: Who should be sent clips as they are made or posted? Are there industry specific influencers, thought gurus, reporters or content creators that would benefit from them? Are there investors or stakeholders that need to see them? Make your press list and send them.


4. Monitor live: Once your event is live it's time to tune in and watch for moments. Use your clipping tool to watch the broadcast live, a good rule of thumb is if something kept your attention, you should clip it.


5. Set ins and outs: Once you've identified a moment worthy of being turned into a clip set your beginning and end to the clip (the 'in' and 'out') Remember, audiences appreciate brevity so shorter is usually better. Depending on the moment, an individual clip could be anywhere from 30s to 2mins long.


6. Caption, thumbnail: Your clip is only as good as it's thumbnail and caption. For clips that focus on something that was said, captioning with the most important part of the quote often works best. Thumbnail matters more on YouTube but is important to consider on platforms like X/Twitter. 


7. Post and engage: The key to live clipping is posting your clips as the event happens. Take advantage of clipping tools that have social integrations allowing you to post the clip from the same tool as soon as it's made. Remember clips will perform differently on different platforms, so experiment with posting multiple places.



Live clipping events can transform your business or organization's funnel entirely. Your teams have already put a ton of work into putting on an event, make sure you get the most out of creating & directing traffic with clips & moments from the event. Remember that this process can be scaled to multi-session live-clipping for conferences & events with multiple live sessions going on at a time.

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