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Test drive SnapStream 6.0 at GTEC

September 30 2013 by Rachel Abbott

TV Monitoring in Canadian Government

We're looking forward to showcasing new SnapStream 6.0 next week at GTEC, Canada's largest government technology event. SnapStream will be at booth 1112 for the tech exhibition, which spans October 8 and 9 at the Ottawa Convention Centre.

Just like in the United States, various arms of the Canadian government rely on SnapStream, because it provides an easy and affordable way to monitor TV coverage for public information purposes. You can record and archive important TV coverage, search for TV mentions, create unlimited TV clips and ultimately, share those clips with others.

In the example below, we conducted a TV search for "RCMP," which is the known acronym for the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. SnapStream takes you right to the point of mention in the broadcast, making it easy to quickly find, review and share media references. Plus, the new auto-scrolling transcript provides even deeper insight into what's being said on TV about your organization and its key officials.

Meet with SnapStream at GTEC

Are you going to GTEC next week? Come by our booth (#1112) for a demo of SnapStream's core TV monitoring capabilities, plus all of the new features in SnapStream 6.0. You'll get to try out our new iPad app, which lets you play, search, clip and share TV from your tablet on the go. And you'll have the opportunity to see our new multi-viewer, which enables you to watch and compare up to four TV programs side by side.

Schedule a demo

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SnapStream 6.0 introduces the multi-viewer, live TV and more!

September 17 2013 by Rachel Abbott

Introducing SnapStream 6.0, a new generation of TV monitoring technology that's inspired by your versatile workflows and needs. This fresh release of SnapStream delivers an array of powerful new tools that will expand your capabilities when working and collaborating with TV.

Multi-viewer: Play 4 TV channels side by side

(Click to expand)

SnapStream 6.0 expands your TV playback possibilities into new directions. Select up to four TV programs from the library and play all of them side by side, with SnapStream's new multi-viewer. This new TV monitoring tool is ideal for competitive research and intelligence.

You can easily compare what's airing on your competitors' channels at the same time with the "sync all" option. You'll hear the audio for the primarily selected show, but you can switch between them at anytime. Plus, you can directly create clips from all four TV shows in play.

Watch live TV from the Web

(Click to expand)

Sometimes, there are TV broadcasts you want to monitor in real time, that don't need to be archived for later use. SnapStream 6.0 enables you to watch live TV from the Web interface, directly from the electronic program guide. Right click on any show and the viewing/recording options will pop up, with the new addition of "Watch Live TV." Of course, there has to be an available tuner in order to watch something live.

Enjoy a fullscreen experience

(Click to expand)

Keeping with the theme of catering to your preferences, SnapStream 6.0 delivers the option to play any TV recording or live feed with a total fullscreen experience. For instance, when using SnapStream in a meeting or a classroom, it's common to display TV content through a projector. The new fullscreen option provides a nice expanded view for presentations and lectures.

Run tasks from the search results

(Click to expand)

Also new in 6.0, you can run post-processing tasks directly from your TV search results, on multiple TV shows at a time. We refer to post-processing tasks as the types of actions that are executed after a recording completes, such as ShowSqueeze, which transcodes to H.264 or WMV, and SmartChapter, which segments the TV commercials within a broadcast. Having the ability to perform these types of workflows directly from search results allows you to handle TV content centered around the same topic, in the same way.

Cluster bigger and better

SnapStream customers who manage clusters of four or more machines will enjoy vast improvements in 6.0. As a result of implementing dual network adapters, SnapStream is able to double the potential bandwidth available for users and for processing tasks. In 6.0, it's also easier than ever to plug in a new node, such as a ShowSqueeze Node, with zero configuration, thanks to enhancements relating to scalability.

Monitor TV on the go, from your iPad

Read all about SnapStream's new iPad app.

Webinar: What's New in 6.0

Would you like to see a live demonstration of SnapStream 6.0? We will cover all of the features we talked about above, plus SnapStream's new iPad app! Join us on Tuesday, October 1, at 2 p.m. CDT for the What's New in 6.0 Webinar.

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How can I upgrade to 6.0?

For current customers: To schedule your free upgrade* to 6.0, contact SnapStream's support team via the Enterprise Support Form or via email at

For new users: Contact one of our Sales Engineers to start the conversation about your TV monitoring needs. Email: Phone: 1-877-762-7787

*All software upgrades are free for current SnapStream customers who have a valid support contract and meet the hardware pre-requisites.

SnapStream's new iPad app: search, play, clip and share TV

September 17 2013 by Rachel Abbott

It's official: SnapStream's new iPad app has arrived and it's now available in the App Store! Go get your hands on it and start taking SnapStream with you on the go. The app brings the power of SnapStream's core TV monitoring capabilities to your fingertips, wherever you may be, from the convenience of your tablet.

Search and browse your TV library

Access your SnapStream TV library from your iPad and browse by series, by channel, by date and by clips. Looking for a specific mention? Use the search bar in the upper right-hand corner to quickly find keywords in the closed captioning and program metadata.

Play TV recordings and clips in H.264

The portability of a tablet makes it easy to bring TV where you need it, which isn't always at your desk. Leveraging the power of the SnapStream ShowSqueeze Node, transcode your TV content to H.264 to make it iPad-friendly. Next, you're ready to play TV recordings and clips from your iPad.

AirPlay SnapStream TV content

We made SnapStream's iPad app compatible with AirPlay, so you can collaborate on TV projects in your classroom, boardroom or office lounge using Apple TV. It's the best way to display and share your TV content for meetings and presentations.

Create unlimited TV clips

The clipping tool is extremely intuitive for the iPad. Swipe your finger down in a vertical motion to drop pins at your start and end points. Pinch the screen or press the scissors to create a clip. Type in a name and it will be saved to your "My Clips" folder.

Share TV clips, from iPad to the cloud

Use SnapStream's iPad app to collaborate in the moment. Share TV clips from your iPad to the cloud, to be viewed by anyone, from any device, from anywhere in the world.

How can I get the app?

For current customers: If you're on SnapStream 5.10, you can go download the app right now, for free. But we do recommend upgrading to the latest version, new SnapStream 6.0. Schedule your free upgrade* using the Enterprise Support Form or via email at

For new users: Contact one of our Sales Engineers to discuss your TV monitoring needs today. Email: Phone: 1-877-762-7787


*All software upgrades are free for current SnapStream customers who have a valid support contract and meet the hardware pre-requisites.

Wit and Wisdom from SnapStream's 2013 Summer Interns

September 03 2013 by tvsearcheradmin

Meet SnapStream's 2013 interns!

From left to right — Heather: I make pretty reports. Andrew: I code in flip-flops. Nick: I play with DALs. Yuva: I’m an Excel Ninja. Clint: I try to not break things.

There’s a running joke here that SnapStream somehow doesn’t qualify as a real company. They even made t-shirts that assert as much:


And, at first glance, it almost seems like it could be true.

The Un-Corporate Corporate Culture

We’re not expected to be at work by 8 a.m. on the dot, and no one will bat an eye if we wear sandals to the office. The kitchen is fully-stocked and includes essentials like candy and energy drinks—and fruit, too. There are free sessions with a personal trainer on Wednesdays, and everyone eats lunch together and jokes around on Fridays.

But don’t mistake SnapStream’s casual environment for a casual attitude. The employees here really care about what they do and recognize their contribution to the company. Further, because SnapStream is so small, even the interns are making a real, visible impact on a daily basis.

Software Developers in Training

Specifically, the three development interns learned what it takes to develop and maintain enterprise software. We assisted the SnapStream developers in a massive update of critical systems like the product’s Web interface and the company’s internal tracking system. Whether working on the back-end or on customer-facing elements, we built our software components according to modern ASP.NET MVC best practices.

Business and Marketing Masters

In comparison, the two business interns learned what goes into promoting and managing a corporate brand. We conducted analyses to determine the effectiveness of current marketing campaigns and sales promotions, and we developed tools to educate and empower our current customers. We also explored new possibilities for SnapStream, both with respect to new product capabilities and new markets.

The Real World: SnapStream Edition

During our first week at SnapStream, we were tasked with a Dance Central Dance Battle on the xBox Kinect, a required part of intern orientation.

In the end, we would argue the casual environment is an asset. Working somewhere like SnapStream gives you access to leadership that you wouldn't have at a Big Fancy Real Company; moreover, the leadership treats you with respect, and your ideas are legitimately considered. If you have a question or a concern, you can just say it. You just find someone, ask, and get it done. There is no bureaucracy and no pretension, and the work we did actually mattered.

So, yes: even though we got to wear sandals, eat candy, and play Ultimate Football, SnapStream did show us what it’s like to work for a real company. Even better, we got to feel like a real part of that real company—even if only for three months.

We like to think SnapStream will miss us when we’re gone. (Yes, we do!)

Want to work with us?

We're hiring across several departments of the company, such as development, marketing, sales and technical support. Apply today!

Monitoring TV channels with PEG Funds

August 06 2013 by MLopez

Recently, I attended the Texas Association of Municipal Information Officers (TAMIO) conference in College Station, TX. There was one session that really grabbed my attention, it was the session amazingly named: “Better than beer money! 101 ways to spend your PEG funds.” Based on the reaction and conversation that I heard regarding this session, I knew that this was one that I definitely wanted to attend!

What are PEG Funds?

PEG funds are simply funds that are provided to a local government to help support their public access channel(s). These funds can be easily applied to capital expenditures for the channel, for items such as cameras, lights, audio equipment and so forth. The main stipulation for the use of the funds is that they have to be used for broadcasting and running the channel. So, what other projects could these funds be used for? SnapStream?

Monitoring your PEG Channel

Monitoring your PEG channel

I returned to work Monday after the conference and began researching more and more about PEG funds. I spoke with Keith Reeves, Station Manager for Austin's Channel 6, who has tons of first-hand experience with the subject matter. The City of Austin has been a long-time friend of SnapStream and they recently purchased SnapStream using PEG funds.

Keith filled me in on a lot of interesting pieces of information:

  • Who gets PEG funds?
  • How are PEG funds distributed in Texas?
  • How can SnapStream's technology benefit PEG channels?
  • Do these funds roll over year to year?

PEG Funds Webinar

Using PEG funds to monitor TV

On Wednesday, August 14 at 2 p.m. CDT, we are hosting a PEG funds 101 Webinar with Keith Reeves, to share how the City of Austin was able to underwrite 100% of their SnapStream purchase using PEG funds.

Join us to learn more about the little known funds that you may be sitting on and how you can easily address your media monitoring needs while not affecting the city's overall budget.

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5.10 is here! Monitor TV with the new auto-scrolling transcript

June 20 2013 by Rachel Abbott

What's new in 5.10?

People have different news consumption habits. Some like to read and some like to watch.

In SnapStream 5.10, the choice is yours. Monitor TV by watching, reading, or a combo of both, thanks to the newest component of the Web Player: the auto-scrolling transcript.

In the new release, we have re-imagined and re-designed the Web Player to provide a more interactive TV monitoring experience. We also improved TV Search to make running advanced searches simpler and easier.

Auto-Scrolling Transcript

Along the right side of the video, you'll see the new auto-scrolling transcript, presenting the closed-captioning in a useful new way.

The transcript synchronizes with playback and highlights the corresponding text in blue, making it easy on the eye to track topics and follow along.

New auto-scrolling transcript

Skip to a Word

Click on any word in the transcript, and SnapStream will skip to that point of mention. Think of it like a more intelligent alternative to fast-forwarding.

We're basically giving you the "source code" (the closed-captioning) to navigate TV broadcasts more effectively and efficiently. Let your eye wander and explore TV content from a new perspective.

Skip around the transcript

Resizable Windows

Like we said, SnapStream 5.10 introduces the choice to watch and read TV simultaneously. But, we acknowledge that you may have a priority for one method of TV monitoring over the other.

The new Web Player sports dynamically resizable windows, allowing you to adjust the real estate of your screen to suit your own preferences.

If you're more concerned with the visual broadcast, just slide that front and center.

Resizable windows

Want to focus more on the transcript? Drag to expand the width of the text.

Resizable windows

Or maybe you're 50/50. Keep the video and transcript side-by-side with equal importance.

Resizable windows

Simplified TV Search

There are a wide variety of advanced search parameters you can add to your TV Search queries, based on Boolean logic.

In 5.10, we added a friendly dropdown from the search bar, containing text fields which provide a more accessible way to filter and refine your searches. We hope you make use of these powerful TV search capabilities right at your fingertips.

What's also pretty cool, is that you can directly create a TV Alert to save this search and have it emailed to you when new results come up.

TV search

See 5.10 in Action

Join us for a live demonstration to see all of the new features in SnapStream 5.10. The webinar will be held on Wednesday, July 10 at 2 p.m. central and is open to everyone.

Sign up for the Webinar


Upgrade to 5.10

All software upgrades are free for current SnapStream customers with a valid support contract who meet the hardware pre-requisites. Contact our support team to discuss your upgrade eligibility and to schedule your upgrade to 5.10 to start leveraging all of the new features outlined above.

TV Monitoring Strategies for City Public Information Offices

June 04 2013 by Rachel Abbott


Because we're founded and based in Houston, SnapStream is very excited to help sponsor the Texas Association of Municipal Information Officers (TAMIO) 2013 Annual Conference, being held June 6 and 7 in College Station, TX.

Lunch and Learn with SnapStream

TAMIO will bring together more than 100 public communicators from cities across Texas to exchange information and ideas. In support of TAMIO's mission, which addresses "the increasingly complex role of public information in municipal government," SnapStream is hosting a lunch presentation on Thursday, June 6.

TV Monitoring for City Government

One of the most critical responsibilities of any public information professional is media monitoring, which largely consists of tracking television news coverage.

But hey, for a small department, TV monitoring can consume a lot of your human resources, or eat up your budget with clipping services. That's where SnapStream's technology provides the best of both worlds.

city government TV monitoring

Serving Texas and Beyond

SnapStream is a self-managed platform that enables PIOs to search, clip, archive and respond to TV media coverage from their computer workstations. So ultimately, less time can be spent chasing mentions and more time can be devoted to media relations and other valuable activities.

Since 2007, our footprint has expanded from the City of Houston, the City of Austin and the City of Sugar Land, to numerous cities and federal agencies throughout the United States and Canada. At TAMIO, we are looking forward to engaging with our fellow Texans, to promote smart city management and efficient TV monitoring for all.

Does your state or region have a similar type of meetup? Let us know about it:

KAPIO 2013: Lunch & Learn with SnapStream

April 30 2013 by Rachel Abbott


KAPIO 2013

Lunch & Learn with SnapStream:

TV Monitoring Best Practices and Workflows for PIOs

Thursday, May 2, 11:45 a.m. - 1: 15 p.m.
Mike Lopez, Sales Engineer, SnapStream
Tom Erickson, Master Deputy, Johnson County Sheriff's Office

We are excited to support the Kansas Association of Public Information Officers (KAPIO) at their annual conference this week, as the platinum level sponsor. PIOs from across the state will be congregating to learn from one another's communities and organizations, focusing on takeaways from "real world PIO experiences."

We're joining the conversation with a real PIO, Master Deputy Tom Erickson, who is a real SnapStream user too. At the Johnson County Sheriff's Office (JCSO) in Olathe, KS, SnapStream's TV monitoring technology helps Erickson efficiently track and respond to important local media coverage.


SnapStream TV Search

SnapStream provides that extra set of eyes for the JCSO's small staff, with the speed and intelligence of TV search. But SnapStream is a great fit for organizations of all sizes. The City of Miami Police Department, the City of Greensboro, and the City of Austin all exemplify some of the best practices for smart city management, along with their streamlined workflows for media monitoring.

Our vision is to continually drive efficiency at city governments across the country, to empower them with reliable, easy-to-use technology.

Does your state have a regional conference for PIOs? We would love to share the best practices we've learned with you, too!

Reach out to

Join SnapStream at NAB 2013 next week!

April 04 2013 by Rachel Abbott

Enjoy More Ways to Monitor TV

Have TV Monitoring Your Way

NAB is next week! Meet with us to get a personalized demo of SnapStream's new cloud sharing technology, as well as an exclusive look at upcoming, unreleased features. See how easy it is to skip to a topic of interest with the new interactive transcript viewer; monitor TV on-the-go from your tablet; and watch live TV from the Web Player for Mac and PC.

Schedule a meeting with us in South Upper Hall SU4721 and you'll be entered to win a free flat-screen TV. How awesome is that?

Schedule a demo
Meet with us in South Upper Hall SU4721

SnapStream Speaker Series at NAB

LIVE from SnapStream's booth in South Upper Hall, SU4721

Developing the Journalists and Communicators of Tomorrow
Tuesday, April 9 at 2 p.m.
SnapStream's technology is helping students interactively study and analyze broadcast news like never before. Join the Technology Director of the School of Communication at Emerson College, Jonathan Satriale, to learn about the academic applications of SnapStream.
Trailblazers: Centralized TV Monitoring at the City of Austin
Wednesday, April 10 at 2 p.m.
The City of Austin is known for being technology-driven, and its city government is no exception. Join Keith Reeves, Station Manager for Austin's Channel 6, to learn how SnapStream efficiently provides TV recordings, transcripts and clips for PIOs across 35 departments citywide.
RSVP and we'll save you a seat!

New in 5.8! Share TV clips everywhere with cloud sharing

January 02 2013 by Rachel Abbott

Share TV clips in the cloud

Search, play, clip and share. It's one of the most popular TV monitoring routines. In the newest release of SnapStream, we set out to perfect the "share" step, to improve the workflow of sending and receiving TV clips.

It's all about sharing in the cloud today, from Facebook photos to Google Docs. So yes, we jumped on the bandwagon, okay? We have embraced the cloud. We're proud of the cloud.

In 5.8, cloud sharing makes it easy to pass along TV clips to anyone, anywhere. It's particularly useful for sharing with non-SnapStream users or with colleagues located remotely. Here's how it works:

1. Find a clip to share

From the TV library, grab the clip you want to send. Click "Share Clip."

Share TV clips with cloud sharing

2. Add recipients

Who's it going to? Type in one or more email addresses, include a brief message, and hit send.


Add recipients

3. The clip enters the cloud

SnapStream kicks off some quick transcoding behind the scenes as it uploads the clip to its privately-hosted cloud. The upload will complete as fast as your Internet connection will allow.

Play clips from any device, anywhere.

4. Ding! It's ready

SnapStream delivers a simple email with a link to play. Since the clip lives happily in the cloud, no email attachments are involved. This nicely circumvents any worries about file size limits or spam filters; another reason why cloud sharing is so practical.

Click to play. No email attachments.

5. Watch clips anywhere

All clips play universally from any computer or mobile device: iPhones and iPads; Android phones and tablets; Windows Phones; Etch-a-Sketch* devices; Blackberry phones. Cloud sharing works seamlessly across all of these channels to deliver a true solution for portable, remote sharing. Closed captioning support varies by device.

* Only select models.

Watch TV clips anywhere, on any device

Want it? Get cloud sharing, free.

We love adding value to SnapStream, and passing it along to you. So we're making cloud sharing FREE for all enterprise users. Sharing is caring, so do it in the cloud.

Contact support to upgrade to 5.8 and to verify your eligibility.

Contact sales to get started with SnapStream.

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