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Feature Spotlight: ShowSqueeze

January 30 2009 by Lynne Burke

SnapStream's ShowSqueeze lets you separately recompress any standard-definition (SD) or high-definition (HD) recording to either Windows Media (.wmv) or H.264. These formats offer the same great recording quality as the other formats in a fraction of the space. And when you're recording thousands of hours of television, this can be particularly useful.

So, let's say you're recording at Fair Quality (2 mbps), by automatically ShowSqueezing all programs as they're recorded to a Windows Media file (667 kb/s), a server that once could hold 2000 hours of television can now hold over 6000 hours of television.

It's as easy as 1, 2, 3!

1. In the SnapStream Web interface home page, go to settings. Choose ShowSqueeze from the list of options.


2. In the ShowSqueeze settings menu, you'll see the option to Automatically ShowSqueeze all recordings (either all SD shows, all HD shows or all shows (SD and HD)). In this example, we've chosen to compress the files to the default Windows Media setting at Fair Quality (667 kb/s).


3. Your program will immediately be compressed (or if you choose, can be scheduled for a later time). Once the compression is done, you'll see it in your list of recorded programs again.


That's it. The ShowSqueezed clip is now ready to download or email. This particular program went from 3.27GB (it was originally recorded in Best quality at 8mbps) to .7GB, compressing it to about 25% of its original size (the Windows Media file setting in that example is 667 kb/s).

So, Automatic ShowSqueeze is especially useful if you are recording a number of channels 24/7, as many SnapStream TV Server customers do. In that case, you can even set your SnapStream Server to automatically compress programs:

  • At a global level (i.e., everything you record)
  • Just certain channels (i.e., channels you record 24/7) or
  • Just certain programs (i.e., one particular episode of CNN, as in the example above)

To maximize bandwidth usage, you can also schedule the compression to take place after business hours, for example, from 2-4 am. Keep in mind, ShowSqueezing takes server processing power, so you have to strike the right balance between space and processing power to get the best use of the server's processor in the quest for more space. For questions or more details, please contact your Sales Rep or Enterprise Technical support.

Chatting With FreshDV's Matt Jeppsen About How "The Soup" and Others Are Using SnapStream

January 05 2009 by Lynne Burke

In this half-hour podcast, Rakesh talks with Matt about how different industries - including entertainment programs like "The Soup" - are using SnapStream TV search servers, and why. Check out the podcast here:

FreshDV Podcast - Snapstream Media’s DVR on Steroids

SnapStream TV Search in the World of Politics

October 30 2008 by Lynne Burke

In the fast-moving world of politics, being able to monitor television media's reaction to political issues – in real time - and the ability to respond quickly and appropriately are key. In the case studies below, we looked into how SnapStream's TV search technology is used to solve media monitoring problems in the realm of politics – first for a candidate running for president, and the second, for a political video blogger.

Monitoring Television in Hillary Clinton's Race to the White House The Clinton Campaign's switch from a combination of VCRs, DVRs and clipping services to the SnapStream Enterprise TV search appliance greatly improved their effectiveness and timeliness in reacting to issues in the fast-moving and complex world of political campaigns.

The Jed Report's Search for Timely Political Television: For Jed Lewison, the influential political video blogger behind the Jed Report and Daily Kos TV, SnapStream Enterprise gave him the ability to quickly and easily find and work with pertinent network TV clips, saving him both time and hassle. It enables him to focus on what was most important to him in his video blogs: the content itself.

Political video blogger using SnapStream's TV Search

October 17 2008 by Rakesh

Jed Lewison, the video blogger behind The Jed Report, has been using SnapStream's TV search appliance to make his point:

(Update: Jed's post was also cross-posted on The Daily Kos)
SnapStream is:
  • how The Daily Show finds TV clips for their show
  • how organizations clip TV to Twitter and Facebook
  • how broadcasters can monitor their feeds for regulatory compliance
  • and more

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