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Top 5 Tweets with SnapStream

November 18 2015 by Rachel Abbott

The Jaguars are one of SnapStream's many social media success stories unfolding in real time. With every live-tweet, our customers from Politics, Sports and Entertainment are hitting it out of the park! (twitterHeart.pngs for all of you)

1. accessHollywood.png

@AccessHollywood aced the #VMAs (4,000 retweets & likes)

2. The_Daily_Show_with_Trevor_Noah.png

@TheDailyShow crushed the #CNNDebate (3,000+ retweets & likes)

3. funnyDieLogo.jpg

@FunnyorDie slams it in the #GOPDebate (1,600+ retweets & likes)

4. politicoLogo.jpg

@Politico wins the #GOPDebate (1,100+ retweets + likes)

5. nfloncbs.jpeg

@NFLonCBS scored big in #NEvsNYG (1,000+ retweets & likes)

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