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Upgrade to SnapStream 7.1

April 14 2016 by Joel Gabiola

New SnapStream 7.1 is available, so if you're a customer you can schedule an upgrade now. For more information on 7.1, you can either sign up for the webinar or read the 7.1 blog post


Schedule Upgrade to  7.1

(Usually 1 hour)

SnapStream's support team will perform the upgrade in a remote session.

 Book a Time Now


For most users on SnapStream 6.6, you won’t need to uninstall and reinstall a new version of the SnapStream Web Player. The 6.6 player and SnapStream 7.1 are compatible. So once your system admin does upgrade SnapStream to 7.1, your users will be ready to go.


Webinar: SnapStream 7.1

Tues. May 3 at 1 pm EDT

Thurs. May 5 at 3 pm EDT

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