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The President Show Press Release

June 13 2017 by Brad Hem

Comedy show entertains audiences by using President Trump’s words and mannerisms against him

HOUSTON, June 13, 2017 – Comedy Central’s new late-night comedy, “The President Show,” has chosen SnapStream’s high-powered TV recording and search technology to find the TV clips needed to lampoon President Donald Trump and other government leaders.

The show, which premiered in April and was just extended for more episodes, features comedian Anthony Atamanuik portraying Trump in a variety of settings – doing White House press briefings, interviewing guests and literally “Screaming at the TV,” a segment in which he reacts angrily to news coverage critical of him personally and politically.

“SnapStream is vital to ‘The President Show’ to source the material we need and to study the president’s mannerisms and words to give our audience the best show possible,” said Lorrie Baranek, the show’s line producer. “Without SnapStream, we’d miss all those great soundbites and gaffes, or we’d have to spend hours watching TV for the right moments.”

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