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New SnapStream 7.1: iPad support (H.264) & social media scheduling

April 14 2016 by Joel Gabiola

SnapStream 7.1 just dropped and here are the details.

Full iPad support for H.264 (Full touch-friendly interface)

• Schedule Tweets & Facebook posts (Place posts on "auto-pilot")

More improvements (Social TV updates, export to SFTP & more stats)

SnapStream 7.1 release

Full iPad Support for H.264

With our touch-friendly interface and recordings in H.264, you can do it all - recordsearch, play, clip and post TV to Twitter and Facebook. - from the comfort of your couch (or just about anywhere). It's even better if you're a SnapStream Cloud customer because all your video is encoded to H.264, which means everything just works! No more installing plug-ins.

 Full iPad support for SnapStream


Schedule Tweets & Facebook posts

Timing is everything and now with SnapStream 7.1, you have the ability to control when your Tweets and Facebook posts get delivered. Placing your posts on "auto-pilot" will free you up to do whatever you want. It's perfect for TV shows who want to schedule their Tweets and Facebook posts ahead of time to go live once their show airs.

 Step 1: Press "queue" for your new post.



Step 2: In the Social section, click your post to expand the content and press "edit." You'll have the option to schedule the day and time you want the post to go live.

Schedule Facebook post in SnapStream


More improvements

Better previews on cross-posts with images

Seeing is believing when it comes to cross-posting between Twitter and Facebook. Images are now previewed on Twitter and Facebook image cross-posts before they're pushed live.

Cross post image previews

Export to SFTP

We've added more security to your FTP uploads. Uploading to SFTP, which uses modern encryption techniques, ensures a higher level of security.

Export to SFTP

More stats

Like numbers and graphs? Good, because we're giving you more ways to analyze the performance of your SnapStream.

Stats in SnapStream

Now you can see how many recordings (or number of hours) were made each month. 


Stats on number of sessons in SnapStream

You can also track the number of sessions last month or last year.


Plus many more updates...

Read the full release notes here.



Schedule Upgrade to  7.1

(Usually 1 hour)

SnapStream's support team will perform the upgrade in a remote session.

 Book a Time Now


For most users on SnapStream 6.6, you won’t need to uninstall and reinstall a new version of the SnapStream Web Player. The 6.6 player and SnapStream 7.1 are compatible. So once your system admin does upgrade SnapStream to 7.1, your users will be ready to go.


Webinar: SnapStream 7.1

Tues. May 3 at 1 pm EDT

Thurs. May 5 at 3 pm EDT

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