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Feature Friday: Fred Arters

October 29 2021 by Bethany Goldson

Hey world, it's time for feature Friday! Here at SnapStream, our people are everything and we like to show them off. This week, we'd like to introduce you to our engineering lead, Fred!


How did you find SnapStream?

I found SnapStream on Indeed while searching for full-time remote positions. The listing caught my eye because the logo was made out of Legos and I immediately thought... I fit in a company that would do that!

What is your role here?

I've held several roles in the past 6 months, though my primary position has remained as Senior Software Engineer. Additionally I have been given the opportunity to act as the team lead for our Wyld Stallyns development team. I've had the great opportunity to be an acting member of the SnapStream product team where I hope to contribute to the future of SnapStream in a very material way.

How have you grown with SnapStream?

Over the past six months, I have learned a lot about the Amazon Web Services ecosystem as working on publicly available products and services has not been a part of my prior experience. Coming from previous jobs where I was much more insulated as an engineer, I've learned a great deal about the ins and outs of product development while spending part of my time on our product team. SnapStream has definitely provided me opportunities to learn many new things.

What is your favorite thing about SnapStream?

When I was going through the interview process, one of the most attractive aspects was the intentionality and focus on culture and personal interactivity. While in some ways it has been a challenge to enter into an established company with many existing working relationships, I have been made to feel welcomed and it is still one of the things I appreciate about the company the most.

What do you like to do when you aren't at SnapStream?

When I am not at SnapStream, I like to spend time with my family. My 5 kids all play music at different levels and as they have learned, I too continue to learn to play music with them. I have also infected them all with a love for pc gaming, which is not good for my budget but great for shared interest - my girls pretty much only play games with horses in them. I also love quality time with my wife, hiking, going to music festivals and reading.

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