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New release! SnapStream 5.6 has arrived.

October 12 2012 by Rachel Abbott

In the newest release of SnapStream, we added new features and made core improvements to deliver the strongest and most reliable TV search experience, yet.

+ We added muscle to our Mac version.

The Web Player for Mac supports viewing of in-progress TV recordings, which is a game-changer for TV monitoring on OS X.

+ We added more options for Workflows.

You can delay tasks, like ShowSqueeze, to occur a certain number of days later. This is what we call a new trigger in Workflows.

+ We remodeled the TV Library.

You can sort recordings by date and channel to locate and play the content you want much faster.

+ We improved how you set Recording Priorities.

You can drag and drop your job priorities on the fly, to make quick changes.

+ We made things more speedy, in general.

Enjoy faster page loads and fewer clicks to get to your common tasks.

+ We make it easy to upgrade.

Contact SnapStream's expert support team to schedule your upgrade to 5.6. See what else is new in version 5.
+1 (877) 696-3674

+ We love new users.

Contact our Sales Engineers to get started with SnapStream today.
+1 (877) 762-7787

What is SnapStream? There's an unlimited amount of video content out there: 24/7 news channels, breaking news events, sports, talk shows, awards galas, entertainment shows, and so much more.

SnapStream makes a real-time news and media search engine that makes it fast and easy to find the video moments that support our customers telling great stories.

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