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Monitoring Your School's TV Media Coverage

November 10 2009 by Melissa Kidonakis

Join us on Tuesday, November 17th for our web seminar geared towards Media and Public Relations Specialists of higher learning institutes interested in monitoring their schools TV media coverage.

If you are currently using a media monitoring subscription service to track TV mentions of your school and its affiliates, then you've realized how quickly the price of video clips adds up.

Unlike traditional media monitoring subscription services, the SnapStream Server is a one time purchase, turnkey appliance that enables you to record, search and create unlimited high-quality clips without any incremental costs. A cross between a DVR and search engine the SnapStream Server enables you to immediately pinpoint any mention of interest and then quickly and properly respond to the coverage.

SnapStream is currently used in Public Affairs Offices to:

  • Record & search thousands of hours of TV
  • Pinpoint mentions of interest
  • Create unlimited clips of full recordings
  • Respond appropriately and quickly to TV coverage

Attend our one hour web seminar to learn more about the benefits Media and Public Relations Specialists have found by implementing the SnapStream Server
into their workflow.

Web Seminar: TV Monitoring for Public Affairs Officers in Higher Education
When: Tuesday, November 17th, 2009; 2:30 - 3:30 PM (CST)
Cost: Free

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