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SnapStream television search, now with BearCheck™

April 01 2008 by Zack Price

Background: SnapStream's Enterprise TV Server is currently be used by television stations for "airchecks". An aircheck is the process by which a television station records and searches past television broadcasts for the purposes of competitive intelligence, research, and FCC compliance. Today, April 1, 2008, SnapStream is announcing an exciting new addition to its television search technologies!
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SnapStream Media Launches Enterprise TV with BearCheck™ Technology
Remove the fear of watching TV by automatically being alerted to bears on the screen.

Houston, April 1, 2008- SnapStream Media, Inc. announced today the addition of the patented BearCheck™ technology to its Enterprise TV Server solution. In addition to recording and searching over 3000 hours of television across 10 tuners, the Enterprise Server can now detect and alert the viewer to the presence of bears on the screen. Handy for organizations that have an unusual aversion to the pictures of bears, BearCheck™ takes all of the worry out of the TV viewing experience.

Available as a free upgrade to all Enterprise TV servers, BearCheck™ may be available for download in the future.

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