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New: SnapStream Enterprise 4.8.1

April 07 2008 by Rakesh

A few weeks ago, we began shipping a small update to SnapStream Enterprise 4.8 -- version 4.8.1. This new version of SnapStream Enterprise adds a few new capabilities and a slew of bug fixes.

One new capability is what we're calling "saved guide searches" -- with this new feature, you can schedule recordings by keyword in the program guide. For example, if you are a presidential campaign, you could schedule SnapStream Enterprise to record any show with the words "presidential", "campaign", or "election" in the title or description. Or if you are a tabloid or celebrity magazine following Brad Pitt, SnapStream Enterprise can now record any program with the actor in it.

We've also added a enhanced DirecTV Pay Per View data in the program guide. Those of you using your SnapStream Enterprise TV Server to record from DirecTV may have noticed that large portions of pay-per-view channels on DirecTV would be displayed with everything listed as "Pay-Per-View":

DirecTV Data Before

Well, now you'll get data detailing the specific paid programming on those DirecTV channels:

DirecTV Data After

So check out the release notes for SnapStream Enterprise for the complete scoop and existing customers can upgrade their SnapStream Enterprise TV Server and their SnapStream Enterprise Link clients.

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